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Hello Brian,
Hope all is well with you. Well, i have been driving now for a good few months and I'm really beginning to feel much more confident. I made my first long trip down to Devon for a week's painting holiday a few weeks ago and I was absolutely thrilled that I could do it!!
You are one of those few people that I have had the privilege to meet, who has literally changed my life. You are a first-rate teacher who takes the time to understand how your student learns, treats them with respect, kindness and patience. But you also challenge and support well and you know when to gently let go, and say "now you are ready".
Today, I recommended you to a friend who has had some bad experiences with other instructors but who really would like to learn. I am sure that if anyone could help, you could!
I appreciate the little driving tips you send out to us newbies,
All the best,

Testimonial for Mitch Peeke - Medway Instructor

Very many thanks for your excellent tuition in getting in husband through an intensive driving course - without you he would never have done it!  Apart from a couple of silly nervous mistakes my husband made on the day it all went fantastically well.  I cant thank you enough, you have changed our lives completely. I am severely disabled and now my husband can drive me to my hospital appointments and even on days out, good luck with any future intensive pupils - you were fantastic!

Mrs. P. - Gravesend 

Here is a letter from one of our trainee instructors or PDI when he has passed his final test and became a fully qualified ADI.

Dear Teresa and Kim

On tuesday 17th August 2010 I passed my part 3 A.D.I. test at my first attempt, after completeing my A.D.I. training with your company Turn-2-Us.

I could not have had more support, guidance and help from yourself personally.

Also my excellent individual training from your instructor Aurial, her professional approach and knowledge in the subject, gave me the confidence to pass the exam.

Yours Faithfully


Feedback from another satisfield Customer... 

Anonymised to protect confidentiality

"Hi, Theresa and Kim...

I just wanted to email you following my pass to express my extreme thanks to you. My experience with you has ended a very foolish few years, as you both know - me being an unlicensed driver.

I bought my first car when I was 16. A rather un-fitting M-reg Rover 416 in that (awful) burgundy colour. And, in that, (I thought) I tought myself to drive. Illegal, and stupid I took to the roads. At this time I was still at school, but then I fell into a trap which in your business I'm sure you've heard many a time. I got a job.

This job that I got paid well for my qualifications and age, but of course, the office was about 8 miles from where I lived. So, out came old Rover, on a daily basis, and to my luck for the two years I worked there, I was never caught. Then I changed jobs. But, the same story continued (except old Rover died a tragic death and I bought another car).

And, the same story continued until last week. I fell into that trap of needing a car to work. People who knew what I was doing, and some even in the same position as me would say that's not a real position. You can always get a bus, or a taxi. But, when you're working overnight, there are no buses, a taxi would cost £15 each way and to cycle... well... you'd kill yourself.

Then a few weeks ago, my aunt gave me a call. "You've been doing this for far too long. I understand why you do it, but the penalties are far too high for the risk. I know that you can't afford to pay for lessons, but I can." She gave me the whole bloody speech... belive me. "I'm a head-teacher. I can afford to pay for your lessons, but if you don't want me to pay for them, think of it as what dad left you, and he would be proud - you've not had that yet."

That made my mind up. Grandad was an army mechanic. He didn't even have to earn his licence or pass a test - they just handed it to him becase he effectively did what I did - taught himself the basics.

But anyway, that's the history.

Now is now.

I dreaded my intensive lessons. I thought I was going to get a drive out to a car park somewhere and get a lesson on which pedal is the clutch, the brake, and the accelerator before doing any driving, even having done the assessment drive.

I've been so surprised over the past week. I've learned everything I needed to pass my test. Kims style of teaching is amazing. He's not overpowering or pedantic. He put me at complete ease. In fact, I would have felt more under pressure having my best friend sat next to me in the car. When I made a mistake, it wasn't an issue. He used his experience and expertise to train me not to make that mistake again. And, from speaking to other friends who have learned to drive in the past few years, that is a skill that few seem to posess. My friend Clare, for example, was nervous of her instructor and after my experience with Kim, I wish I had done this earlier and been able to recommend you to her.

Of course, as you understand I can't recommend you to everyone - those at work for example. But those who do know I've been driving illegally and even those in the same position - you've been highly recommended to. And of course, in the future, you will be constantly recommended by me.

In a really hugely bizarre twist, the car insurance has actually gone down in price. I find it extremely stange. But , we've already received the insurance papers and it's true!! I really don't understand. We were with Norwich Union, and were paying over £600. But after using we found Alliance and Leicester. (Come on, how cute is Aleexandeeeer the Meerkat?!)

My car is registered as my mothers, as I'm sure lots of new drivers are. However. We really did our homework on insurance on the 2nd. If i took out a policy in my own name, the cheapest was around £1650. It's just not possible. As the car was already registered to mum, I searched for other policies. I found Alliance & Leicester would insure us for £280 fully comp, but decided to protect the no claims for an additional £40. So that means for £320 for the year, my mum is insured, I'm insured, and also my partner, ??????. And, the bonus is that us named drivers also earn a no claims.

Of course this has made me wonder about the pass plus. Of course you're a safer driver once you've done it - you can't dispute that. However, given the amount I'm paying for insurance and at the same time building a no claims benifit, I have to say I don't feel the need. (you watch, I'll have an accident tomorrow and blame it on not having pass+)

Anyway, I thought you would like my feedback now I've come back down from my high, and it's all good. Kim is a fantastic instructor, there is no denying that - he could teach the blind to drive I'm sure. And he could teach them to know when the crossings are coming up too. If I'm recommending turn-2-us, the selling point will be Kim I'm sure.

So, thanks to Theresa for the phonecalls, the organisation and everything you did. Kim, thankyou. I'm no longer looking over my shoulder thinking "when am I going to be caught?". I now look over my shoulder thinking "is anybody overtaking me?"

Thankyou Turn-2-Us
You're kind, amazing and the best!"

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