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The test

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Theory Test Overview

The Theory Test is a computer based test with a multiple-choice question part followed by a hazard perception part. The multiple choice questions consist of 50 questions. You need to pass both parts of the theory test at the same sitting to get your theory test pass certificate.

For the multiple-choice part you choose your answers to 50 questions by simply touching the screen. The touch screen system is designed to make it easy to use in case you are unfamiliar with computer use. You can practice for up to 15 minutes ahead of the test starting and the test centre staff will deal with any difficulties in using the system.

You have 57 minutes to answer at least 43 of the 50 questions correctly. For example:

Which Three of the following are most likely to waste fuel?

  • Reducing your speed
  • Carrying unnecessary weight
  • Using the wrong grade of fuel
  • Under inflated tyres
  • Using different brands of fuel
  • A fitted empty roof rack
You are driving at 70mph on a three lane motorway. There is no traffic ahead, which lane should you use? (Choose one answer)

  • Any lane
  • Middle lane
  • Right lane
  • Left lane
The test moves on to film clips in which learner drivers are required to pass a hazard perception test which forms part of the driving theory test. In the Hazard Perception test you will be shown a series of video clips of real road scenes featuring potential hazards. You will be tested on how soon you spot the danger. Again using the computer system to show you have seen the hazard in the road ahead.

At Turn-2-Us we will support and guide you to success with your theory test.

  • We can provide mock tests on request and can advise you how to get practice with the hazard perception part.
  • Alternatively we will e-mail pdf versions if they prefer.
Your Practical Driving Test

You will pass your driving test if you show the examiner that you can:

  • Drive safely
  • Complete the set exercises
  • Demonstrate through your driving that you have a thorough knowledge of The Highway Code
What will the test include?

Apart from general driving, your test will include:

  • An eyesight test
  • Two questions about carrying out safety checks on the vehicle
  • Special exercises. You’ll be asked to carry out one of the following
    • Reversing around a corner
    • Turning in the road
    • Reverse parking
  • Independant driving.  You will need to demonstrate your ability to drive free from directions from the examiner, instead, following road signs to a destination.  This will last approximately 10 minutes.
  • You may be asked to carry out an emergency stop exercise.

To assist in recording the progress you make through lessons instructors will use a drivers record that enables you and your instructor to chart your progress.

At Turn-2-Us we have the knowledge and experience to tell you when you are ready. That will be when you can drive without assistance and guidance from your instructor.

Beyond the Test we can take you through the Pass Plus scheme for new drivers, which will make you a safer driver and perhaps give you a first taste of Motorway driving.

Apart from advising when you are ready for a test we can book tests for you. At present the test fees are:

Theory tests for all learner drivers £31.00

Practical tests for learner car drivers £62.00

We can help with Driving Tests at: Gillingham, Maidstone,
Herne Bay, Canterbury, Ashford(Kent) Sidcup, & Belvedere.
For any other centres do not hesitate to contact us.

The local theory test centres are  Chatham, Sidcup & Canterbury. 


Taxi Test is £78.66 - let us book this for you and train you in just 2 hours.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA
Pass Plus is a training course specifically aimed at new drivers
SAFED - Safe and fuel-efficient driving
The Federation of Small Businesses
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