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Hazard Perception

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What is a hazard?

It is any situation that involves you in some risk or danger.
Specifically a hazard might cause you to slow down or change course.

Approaching a hazard you should use your mirrors and anticipate a change of speed or direction, Hazards include:

  • Bends in the road
  • Junctions
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Road works
  • Stationary Vehicles

Spotting hazards and reading the road ahead will become second nature but takes practice to spot the hazard and plan how to deal with it.

Driver Hazzard

What is a hazard for a driver here? What should you anticipate?

Click here for some more hazards

Learner drivers are now required to pass a Hazard Perception test which forms part of the driving theory test. In the Hazard Perception test you will be shown a series of video clips of real road scenes featuring potential hazards. You will be tested on how soon you spot the danger.

Turn-2-Us can guide you in preparing for the test.

A popular misconception is that you cannot drive until you have passed the theory test – that is not the case.

Experience of the roads will help in your theory test studies and this practical experience will ensure you will be better prepared for the many hazards you will encounter on the roads and help you with the theory test.

We can help in preparing you and booking your theory test,
Turn-2-Us for help!

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