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Are you an Unlicensed Driver?

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Do you have the dilemma of being a driver but without a licence? We can help – all you need to do is pick up the phone and Turn-2-Us for help.

For many reasons unlicensed drivers are increasingly turning to us for help in obtaining a full licence. One pupil could not face the prospect of his teenage children embarking on driving lessons when he had never been licensed throughout the years the children had been growing up. He knew he had to become legitimate and with our help he obtained his full licence.

Mr. L as we will refer to him, was increasingly concerned about the spread of ANPR (AUTOMATIC NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION) cameras and knew he would be found out, it was a matter of when not if he was caught driving with no licence. With our assistance he is now licensed and driving within the law.

Mr. M was a successful businessman with vans and a fleet of cars at his disposal. He did not mislead friends or family but over the years people assumed he was a driver because he had always driven. Simply however he had never applied for a licence or taken a test. He was trapped. With our help he is now fully licensed.

We offer complete discretion and understand that you the client may not wish anyone to know what you are doing. We can assure you of confidentiality. You may wish to train in an area many miles from where you live or work we can arrange whatever is needed. We usually put these drivers in with our fleet trainer as the vehicle we use is not in the heavy livery of a driving school car and with his experience of commercial drivers you will feel very much at ease whilst training for a driving test. There is no shortcut to the procedure you will need a provisional licence; you must pass the theory test and then your practical driving test.

Why not read the tale of a real situation when someone was trapped driving as an unlicensed driver, knowing it was wrong but not knowing how to get out of the situation. Names and locations have been changed to protect identities but this driver was happy for us to publish their story in the event it would help others.  Click here for the link

Is this you? Do you need to become legitimate? Do you need confidentiality? Simply pick up the phone and turn-2-us.
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