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Short Notice Tests

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Have a test booked and been let down by your driving instructor – car or some other turn of events?
We may be able to help, our regular response to these last minute problems is:

We would conduct a Two hour assessment drive with you. Why two hours? Firstly you need to become familiar with the car, the instructor will then asses your driving over the full range of roads and junctions that you would encounter during a typical drive, including town driving, out of town on rural roads & dual carriageway. Quite simply giving you a chance to demonstrate that you can drive a car and to a high enough standard to be safe and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code. You would also be expected to conduct the drive with little or no help from the instructor depending on how close your test is.

During a driving test you will need to complete one piece of reverse work. During the assessment drive you will need to demonstrate that you can complete all of the reverse manoeuvres.

  • Parallel parking
  • Reversing into a parking bay
  • Reverse left around a corner – including a sweeping and sharp corner
  • Complete a turn in the road

You will also be expected to undertake a 10 minute independant driving session, exactly as you will be asked to complete during the driving test.

That is why two hours is needed. At the end of the drive the instructor will be able to judge whether your driving is at a standard where you pose no danger in attempting the test – danger to yourself, other road users or indeed the examiner. The decision will be based on the drive. Unfortunately many people are not trained to a high enough standard to allow the instructor to agree to take them to test. If the pupil and the instructor agree on how much extra time is needed to prepare for a test we can and do our best to prepare you. If we have a couple of weeks that is less of a problem. Sometimes we can work with only days when we get less than 48 hours it becomes much more difficult – but not impossible

One customer telephoned at 4pm requesting our help with a driving test at 9.30 the next day. We conducted a late night drive from 8pm-10pm and agreed with the customer to take them for test provided they had an extended lesson from 7am on test day to get practice with the points raised during the assessment drive. You will appreciate that our fee reflected the short term nature of the assignment and the inconvenience we put two of our customers to in responding to this request. Want to know the out come of this test?– call the office, perhaps we can help you.
Of course our regular customers do not get these problems and would take priority but Turn-2-us for help and if we can we will.

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