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About Turn 2 Us Driving School Kent

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An established Driving School with a reputation for commitment to customer service. At Turn-2-Us Driving School, we understand that you have a choice and our commitment to providing service is total, we know what disappointment is and do our utmost to ensure you won’t be disappointed if you Turn-2-Us. The phrase 'patient instructor' is used widely and we can assure you that we are very, very patient!.

We do not offer Automatic Driving Lessons.  

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Many of our customers claim to be the most nervous person to have taken to the roads. They quickly overcome those initial nerves and develop confidence as they gain experience of driving.  Sometimes, we have to help pupils overcome nervousness from past bad experience with a driving instructor who has scared them through their approach to tuition.  We get numerous calls every week from people in this situation and our instructors are skillful in rebuilding that confidence that may have been shattered. 

Some of our customers gained a driving licence many years ago and have had little to no driving experience. Perhaps that’s you and your circumstances have changed and you need to drive again. We can help you get the confidence back and with manual or automatic cars available you can start in one and change to the other as others have done!

Some of our customers are put off from taking the first step as it is some time since they had to learn something new and the prospect of taking a Theory Test puts them off driving.

We can and do help, like most things in life the actual Theory Test and preparing for it is not as difficult as it might seem.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA
Pass Plus is a training course specifically aimed at new drivers
SAFED - Safe and fuel-efficient driving
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